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SLICED with SUCRE by Sheila

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Churros Pizza

There are always two kinds of food you crave. To narrow it down, we usually divided it through flavors; salty or sweet? If your appetite said sweet, you probably get the word “chocolate” as your first thought. We don’t blame you, but you can blame Joseph Fry for that. Yes, he invented the creation of the first modern chocolate bar in 1868.

For us when talking about chocolate and tragedy, Sandra Boynton, an American writer and humorist somehow has a point. She said that “the greatest tragedies were written by the Greeks and Shakespeare...neither knew chocolate”. In the complicated era when life gives you lemon, we chose to calm the sourness with chocolate instead.

Imagine your mind wandering around what’s next after a chocolate bar? We’ll take you down to a place called Spain where they create churros. The crispy breadsticks which are served with melted chocolate is really, something to cherish for.

But, have you ever thought, what comes around after churros? How about a pan of Churros Pizza? When you think of it, it is mindblowing—and that is why we made it in collaboration with Sucre.

We always appreciate lots of ingredients we put in our pizza. This time, we mix your favorite dough, cinnamon powder and salted butter to make the Churros Pizza. Can you even imagine how we came across that? Neither do we, but we do know three things; merging two cultures in a food is the best thing that ever happened to us, next one is, too bad Shakespeare didn’t get the chance to try it and the last thing is, your job is to enjoy the Churros Pizza we made.

Apple Crumble Pizza

Mother told me to deliver a thin box package to Gran. She has had a cold since two days ago and doesn’t feel any better until now. I could smell a warm yummy food inside the box—I bet it is something sweet! I said yes and put on my rain coat because it's the rainy season and the last thing I want is to get a cold like Gran did. So I also took a red-apple umbrella, put it in my tote bag and left.

As soon as I left home, I noticed the sky was very dark because it was only 1pm and it looked like 6pm out there. “It’s a pretty long walk, so maybe I should just set my sunny mood on this rainy day,” I said to myself.

Well, after about a 20 minute walk, I started to feel a bit dizzy, cold and uncomfortable—probably it’s because I skipped my lunch to deliver the package to Gran. Before anything got worse, I decided to take a rest on a nearby bench.

The next thing I knew, my stomach started to growl loudly—like a wolf. I could feel the warm box next to me and decided to open it. My mouth was opened and I gasped in shock. I can see something that looks like a pan of pizza and an apple crumble pie. It’s both. I wanted to make sure so I sniffed the food and I could smell the strong roasted apple, caramelized brown sugar and a pinch of cinnamon fusion in it.

About 30 minutes later, I arrived at Gran’s house. It was raining so I had to use my red umbrella. “Momma asked me to give this to you,” you said. “Oh, sweet kid, thank you, but why did your Momma only put two slices of Apple Crumble Pizza in this big box?” Asked Gran.

“A wolf ate it,” you said.

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