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Let's make the modern market great again

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

It’s no secret that we love modern markets—around the world. We talk about it all the time~! Why? Well, there’s something about those modern markets which made us so inspired and always leaving with so much new knowledge. We love how we could socialize with the people, or just take a relaxing walk around, enjoy some art & street performance and of course eat some fresh, good quality food they serve.

Some of our biggest inspiration in the modern market? In New York, they have the Grand Central Market, which features 13 local vendors and located perfectly in the heart of the city, lots of big FnB brands like our favourite Burger when we were there; Eggslut by Chef Alvin located in Grand Central Market. They’ll give you one of the best experiences in your life. You could buy fresh groceries, baking goods and basically everything you need in your kitchen. Do you want a bigger place? You check out Camden Market in London. They offer you more than 1000 shops & stalls with so many variations of goods! And not only food, but you could also find art, crafts and so many other things!

Why does the modern market interest us so much? We think our vision is pretty clear, we see the modern market as a great opportunity for us to grow modern market culture to be a new people's destination on their weekends or even help tourism industries. We hope our presence can help a lot of small-medium business around the fresh market. As when we were living in Melbourne, Victoria market is one of our favourite destinations on Sunday morning to sip a great coffee and have a delicious brunch with our lovely friends. There, we’ll meet lots of different people with different needs, we’ll learn more about lots of other stuff, we’ll socialize better, we’ll meet some of you there, later!

And so, with a lot of love for the modern market, we have a very exciting announcement to make! It’s been one of our dreams to be a part of the modern market here, in Indonesia! We want you to eat and enjoy our pizza there. Let’s build our modern market together!

Yes, that is true. We’re opening soon in Bintaro Emerald Fresh Market! See you there really soon!

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