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Gong xi Fat Cai

In this Year of Rat, we have lots to celebrate.

Thus, we need to do lots of preparations to approach the new year.

The preparations itself are based on our culture.

Talking about culture, food is one of the most important things for our family.

Usually, in celebrating the new year, we get to prepare all of the dishes while gathering with family and friends, decorating the house and getting ready for lots of visitors to our house.

That’s just a few things in our ritual every year and that is why food has a huge part

in the celebration—at least in our family.

This year’s menu in our house is quite unique and exciting.

We came across a delicious pizza menu with char siu chicken as toppings!

Worry not, we have lots of char siu fans in our family and char siu is definitely

one of the most favourite dishes in the house. Why char siu? Well, the menu has been

on Chinese cuisine for a long time ago and our family thinks that this particular

dish needs to be cherished and enjoyed on special occasions like New Year!

Fret not, we tried the special char siu pizza before the celebration and it was delightful.

In my first bite of the pizza, I could taste the sweet honey marinated in the tender, warm

chicken slices and what makes it more perfect than sharing it to your whole family

in the new year?

Happy Chinese New Year!

May fortune will smile on you.

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